Wednesday 10:20: Live blog on the future of online ed


At 10:20 tomorrow, here on On Campus I’ll be live-blogging the discussion that MPR’s The Daily Circuit is having with both a professor and an entrepreneur on the future of online education — and online universities, to be exact.

Are they the future? Or, as The Daily Circuit puts it more compellingly:

How will online universities change the way we learn, and can we really expect them to replace a traditional college experience?


  • Andrew Ng, professor of computer science at Stanford and a co-founder of Coursera, which offers free online classes; and
  • Kanyi Maqubela, entrepreneur in residence at the Collaborative Fund

Follow along, and feel free to chime in. (Get here a little early, too. This is live radio.)

You can get more background on the discussion and its participants here.