Notes in the Margins: Vets, Japanese and Britannica

Why Romney, Obama are education twins Poor Mitt Romney. He appoints a splendid group of education policy advisers, smart people with great ideas. Then he learns that he has to give a speech explaining how he differs from President Obama on schools when those same advisers have spent their careers making that nearly impossible. (The Washington Post)

After service, veterans go on to college Veterans’ ranks at schools across the nation are likely to continue to climb as drawdowns in Iraq and Afghanistan continue. (USA Today)

Britannica Ditches Print, Beefs Up Digitally Encyclopedia Britannica’s online version offers multimedia and built-in features for students. (U.S. News & World Report)

Study Abroad Dims Employment Outlook for Japanese Critics say the reluctance of businesses to hire Western-educated graduates who return to the homeland hurts some of Japan’s increasingly globalized industries. (The New York Times)

Wesleyan to offer 3-year bachelor’s program Wesleyan University has announced a program that will enable students to graduate with a bachelor’s degree in three years, joining a growing number of colleges offering the shorter path as a way to save students money. ( via NAICU)