Notes in the Margins: Lawyers, janitors and accountability

Prestigious law school reduces admissions, marks new trend Given the depressed state of law school applications, few seem eager to criticize Hastings’ decision to admit fewer students. (USA Today)

Custodian Graduates From Columbia After Working Way Through School Now, 20 years after leaving the former Yugoslavia for America without speaking a word of English, Gac Filipaj has earned a B.A. in Classics — with department honors — from Columbia University’s School of General Studies, where he has worked as a janitor for the past 19 years, the New York Daily News reports. (The Huffington Post)

Most student loans unaffected by upcoming increase in rates The debate over an upcoming increase in federal student loan rates has also created a lot of confusion — and potential for costly mistakes. (USA Today)

Admissions 101: Should lawyers sanitize high school transcripts? High school counselors, particularly in affluent neighorhoods, have told me their own stories of lawyers being called in by parents to erase any sign of disciplinary action from anything college admissions offices might see. (The Washington Post)

No College Left Behind The last time there was a big push for accountability, it brought us a nightmare—one that has persisted through Republican and Democratic administrations alike. “No Child Left Behind” has been an abysmal failure, Yet the drumbeat is on to make the same blunder in higher education that we have made in K-12 public education. (The Washington Post)