Notes in the Margins: Jobs, unpaid internships and repeat classes

Trying to Shed Student Debt Lawmakers are rethinking bankruptcy-law options for student-loan debt as graduates’ burden has grown by 24% in the last decade. (The Wall Street Journal)

U.S. to Revise Foreign Student Job Program The government will now prohibit the students from doing most warehouse, construction, manufacturing and food-processing work. (The New York Times)

California community colleges look to save money by banning repeat classes The California Community Colleges Board of Governors may prohibit students from repeating a course in any subject area unless they fail to earn a satisfactory grade. If ultimately approved, the change would take effect in fall 2013. Leaders say the system no longer can afford to provide a heavily subsidized outlet for artistic or physical activity. (The Sacramento Bee via University Business)

Colleges look at policies for illegal immigrants Some colleges are being pressed to consider admissions and financial aid policies for undocumented students. (USA Today)

Jobs Few, College Graduates Flock to Unpaid Internships In a weak job market, many college graduates are taking unpaid internships that fail to deliver on their promises of experience by offering little more than menial work. (The New York Times)