Notes in the Margins: Fraud, transcripts and profs from the military

Real Work for Future M.B.A.s For decades, companies have relied on business-school students to be unpaid consultants, assessing takeover or expansion opportunities. But now some companies are placing entire brands in the hands of students. (The Wall Street Journal)

Colleges fight fraud with more coursework Colleges at risk for fraud deter scammers by assigning more work. (USA Today)

Free Harvard, MIT classes for all? Yes and no.Harvard and MIT jumped to the front of the free online education movement this week with edX, a $60 million partnership that promises online coursework to the masses from two leading academic brands. (The Washington Post)

Retired Military Officers Teaching at Ivy League Schools Campuses that once turned a cold shoulder to the military are now inviting former top officers, like Gen. Stanley A. McChrystal, to come and teach. (The New York Times)

Holding transcripts hostage Colleges’ withholding of transcripts of graduates who’ve fallen behind on loan payments makes it even less likely that the student can get a job and resume loan payments. (Los Angeles Times)