Notes in the Margins: Catholics, executives and illegal immigrants

Colleges Get Career-Minded Some liberal-arts schools are beginning to make career development a mission-critical aspect of the college experience, with everything from ramped-up career services to academic programs emphasizing real-world applications. (The Wall Street Journal)

Marc Ostrofsky Spends $1.5M To Send His 5 Daughters To College We’re looking at roughly $60,000 to $70,000 per child per year,” Marc Ostrofsky told Houston’s KHOU 11 News. This week, Ostrofsky has been shuttling around the country to attend three graduations – twin sisters Kelly and Shelly graduate from Duke and Washington University in St. Louis, respectively, and Mary Grace graduates from high school in Houston before heading to Boston University this fall. Daughter Tracy attends the University of Denver and Maddy graduated from Berklee School of Music last year. (The Huffington Post)

Colleges look at policies for illegal immigrants Most of the debate about illegal immigration and higher education has centered on whether undocumented students should be allowed to pay lower in-state tuition rates at public schools, but as undocumented students become more visible and vocal about their status, some higher-priced private colleges are being pressed to consider policies to make tuition more affordable for them. (USA Today)

Median Compensation for Public College Heads Grew 3% in 2010-11 As many public universities are facing budget cuts, executive pay has become a volatile issue in some states. (The New York Times)

Catholic dioceses, colleges sue over Obama mandate Roman Catholic leaders opened a new front against the Obama administration mandate that employers provide workers birth control coverage, filing federal lawsuits Monday on behalf of dioceses, schools and health care agencies that argued the requirement violates religious freedom. (Associated Press/The Boston Globe via University Business)