Reader: Why I'm bagging chemistry for accounting


Seems like some comments I posted by University of Minnesota chemistry professor Chris Cramer on the marketability of chemistry degrees touched a nerve with one reader, MSChemist:

I have a Master of Science in Chemistry and have come to regret it intensely. Companies do not value chemists at all. The pharmaceuticals industry has been the number 1 industry the past several years in a row for layoffs.

The new trend for most companies to to hire their science staff via a temp or contract agency which eats 1/2 of what would be your paycheck and leaves you with $15-20 per hour and no benefits, raises, sick leave, professional development etc. If I knew then what I know now I would not have bothered with college at all if my choice was a science degree.

I am looking to go back to school for an accounting degree and would never let anyone I cared for study science again.

So much for STEM popularity. He says he’s not alone in his feelings. I’m hoping for some elaboration.