New UMN regent Devine and those who voted for him

As I’ve tweeted and reported on the radio, this evening legislators chose Chanhassen insurance executive Tom Devine over banker Robert Vogel to replace former legislator Steve Sviggum’s place as University of Minnesota regent.

(He won by a vote of 110 to 75. The legislators’ votes are listed at the bottom. I haven’t figured out the party breakdown, however.)

Update: An initial look at the vote broken down by party (below) shows that DFLers rallied around Devine. None voted for Vogel.  And more than 30 Republicans in the House and Senate jumped lines and voted for Devine.

Devine is the parent of both a U freshman and a high-school senior. (His son has applied to the U, he said, but hasn’t made a decision yet.) He has also served on the executive committee of the U’s Greek Village student housing project.

So a main issue for him is the cost and shortage of student housing at a number of U of M campuses.

He told me and a group of reporters:

“We all know that if you live on campus the statistical likelihood of graduating faster, staying within the four year boundary improves significantly.”

Although he stepped around the question of what he thought of the U’s executive pay issues of the last few weeks. He just  acknowledged the concerns that legislators and the public have expressed.

He said:

“I think the messaging was very clear from a number of people here, that the way it’s been in the past can’t be the way of the future.”

He said he’ll start his term immediately, which means his first Board of Regents meeting should be in May.

Now the votes, for those who are interested:

(I did an on-the-fly party rundown with the help of an MPR colleague. So apologies if an affiliation or two is off, but the pattern is clear.)


The following members of the Senate voted for Thomas Devine:


Bakk D

Bonoff D

Chamberlain R

Cohen D

Daley R

Eaton – D

Goodwin D

Hann R

Hayden – D

Higgins D

Kelash D

Latz D

Lourey D

Marty D

McGuire – D

Metzen D

Miller R

Olson R

Ortman R

Pappas D

Reinert D

Rest D

Saxhaug D

Sheran D

Sieben D

Skoe D

Tomassoni D

Wiger D

      The following members of the House of Representatives voted for Thomas Devine:


Abeler R

Allen – D

Anzelc D

Banaian R

Benson, J. D

Benson, M. R

Brynaert D

Carlson D

Champion D

Daudt R

Davnie D

Dettmer R

Dill D

Dittrich D

Doepke R

Downey R

Eken D

Falk D

Franson R

Fritz D

Garofalo R

Gauthier D

Gottwalt R

Gruenhagen R

Hansen D

Hausman D

Hilstrom D

Hilty D

Hoppe R

Hortman D

Hosch D

Howes R

Huntley D

Johnson D

Kahn D

Kath D

Kelly R

Kieffer R

Knuth D

Koenen D

Laine D

Leidiger R

Lenczewski D

Lesch D

Liebling D

Lillie D

Loeffler D

Lohmer R

Loon R

Mahoney D

Mariani D

Marquart D

Mazorol R

McDonald R

Melin – D

Moran D

Morrow D

Mullery D

Murphy, E. D

Murphy, M. D

Murray R

Nelson D

Norton D

Paymar D

Pelowski D

Peppin R

Persell D

Peterson, S. D

Poppe D

Rukavina D

Scalze D

Simon D

Slawik D

Slocum D

Stensrud R

Thissen D

Tillberry D

Urdahl R

Wagenius D

Ward D

Wardlow R

Winkler D


The following members of the Senate voted for Robert Vogel:

Benson R

Brown R

Carlson R

Dahms R

DeKruif R

Fischbach R

Gazelka R

Gerlach R

Gimse R

Hall R

Hoffman R

Howe R

Ingebrigtsen R

Jungbauer R

Kruse R

Lillie R

Limmer R

Magnus R

Nelson R

Newman R

Nienow R

Parry R

Pederson R

Robling R

Rosen R

Senjem R

Thompson R

Vandeveer R

Wolf R


The following members of the House of Representatives voted for Robert Vogel:


Anderson, B. R

Anderson, D. R

Anderson, P. R

Anderson, S. R

Barrett R

Beard R

Bills R

Buesgens R

Cornish R

Crawford R

Davids R

Dean R

Drazkowski R

Erickson R

Fabian R

Gunther R

Hackbarth R

Hamilton R

Hancock R

Holberg R

Kiel R

Kiffmeyer R

Kriesel R

Lanning R

LeMieur R

Mack R

McElfatrick R

McFarlane R

McNamara R

Murdock R

Myhra R

Nornes R

O’Driscoll R

Quam R

Runbeck R

Sanders R

Schomacker R

Scott R

Shimanski R

Smith R

Swedzinski R

Torkelson R

Vogel R

Westrom R

Woodard R

Pres. Zellers R