Copies of the lawsuits against Globe University

You may have heard my story today on the two deans who are suing the Minnesota School of Business / Globe University. They say they were fired for complaining about deceptive practices at the school.

You can get the full details in the lawsuits above.

  • Josepatters

    I am a former student and I have been complaining about their practices for a while.  How can I get involved to make sure that this doesn’t happen to anyone else?

    • Guest

      Contact Halunen and Assoc.

  • Derek Linhart

    I was a former student at globe university and I have seen countless people including myself complain on how they were teaching the classes, and nothing would get done. I feel the way they were teaching the students was very poor, and way to fast paced for anybody to learn anything. We bought books that cost from $250.00 on up to $500.00 and were not even using the books during class. I feel I was ripped off and shouldn’t have to pay for something I didn’t have time to learn. I was also told then I was joining globe that the school was a hands on school and in at least 90% of the classes was not hands on. I am a hands on person that is how I learn, not just throwing something at me and saying this is what you have to do.