What university did the MN New York Times student choose?


In December I posted that Minnetonka High School senior Abigail Hansen was contributing to a New York Times series of essays by students going through the college selection process.

Hansen has apparently chosen the University of Minnesota — and defends her choice here:

A few weeks ago, I was engaged in the expected and obligatory “so where are you going next year?” conversation. However, this time, one of my good friends made an intriguing remark. When asked the usual question he responded with “I’ll either be somewhere on the East Coast, or at the University of Minnesota in shame.”

All the other participants in the conversation looked at one another and nodded knowingly, while I sat there shocked. Then I started to wonder: What is it that makes people so ready to discount their state school as merely a safety? And why do so many think that the prestige that comes with the name of a university automatically guarantees a superior education?

Now, I do not mean to bash all East Coast schools, or even all expensive schools, as I am sure they offer a wonderful education. I just do not know if you learn anything more groundbreaking or life-changing when you’re paying $40,000 a year far away versus $10,000 in your home state.

You can read her full commentary here.