UMN prof says stem-cell firm is pressuring U over letter to FDA

University of Minnesota Academic Health Center

“…I am hopeful that the (university) will see my letter to the FDA as a legitimate effort to request an FDA investigation of Celltex and RNL Bio. It appears that Celltex has no regard for freedom of speech, academic freedom, or the legitimate concerns I identify in my letter to the FDA. I see nothing in either of the letters sent by Celltex’s law firm that contradict the concerns noted in my letter to the FDA.

University of Minnesota bioethics professor Leigh Turner in a Pharmalot article on Turner’s claim that stem-cell company Celltex Therapeutics has been pressuring U officials to distance themselves from him.

Turner recently wrote the FDA asking it to investigate the company’s safety record, its research and compliance with federal and state regulations.

Pharmalot reports that Turner has been accused of “spreading false information” about the company, and that Celltex says he has “mischaracterized its activities.”

As the article states at the end, it’ll be interesting to see how the U responds.

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