Notes in the Margins: Tuition freezes, employee discounts and the partisan divide

College Presidents Say $10,000 Degrees Available Now Officials from a few Texas community colleges and universities said that $10,000 bachelor’s degrees are available now — and more will be within the year. (The Texas Tribune via University Business)

Welcome Trend in College Tuition A small but growing number of private colleges are freezing tuition and rethinking policies that have driven up prices to unsustainable levels. (The New York Times)

University employees defend tuition break Many Southern Illinois University employees take advantage of a benefit that gives them tuition breaks, and now they are worried it might disappear. (Carmi Times via University Business)

Most Americans Support College, But Partisan Divide Exists Republicans are more skeptical of the impact of higher education than Democrats, a recent Pew study suggests. (Education Week)

Even senior citizens have student debt A new report from the Federal Reserve Bank of New York shows that one-third of all Americans with outstanding student loans are over the age of 40 — and 4.2 percent are over the age of 60.  (The Washington Post)