Notes in the Margins: Hazing, accountability and constant feedback

Boston Professor Uses Frequent Feedback From Class as Teaching Aide While end-of-term evaluations are common, a Boston University educator stands out for regularly soliciting students’ suggestions and fine-tuning his approach. (The New York Times)

NEC faculty donates cash to save jobs When New England College officials announced they might cut staff to balance a budget shortfall, faculty convened an impromptu gathering Friday and quickly pledged to donate the $100,000 necessary to avoid layoffs, according to professor Christopher Dale. (Concord Monitor via University Business)

College accountability: a closer look The accountability movement has arrived in higher education. Hundreds of colleges are testing freshmen and seniors to measure learning from enrollment to graduation. (The Washington Post)

Police: Hazing took place at FAMU professor’s home Witnesses told police that two Florida A&M University faculty members were present as band fraternity pledges were hazed at the home of one of the professors in early 2010. The news comes in the aftermath of a deadly hazing incident. (Associated Press via University Business)

International, U.S. Students Interact Infrequently in Law School, Study Says Students coming to the U.S. to study law may have to make more of an effort to forge relationships. (U.S. News & World Report)