Notes in the Margins: Food, parental recommendations and the AP arms race

Campus food banks help students through tough times A growing number of colleges are establishing food pantries for students and others struggling to secure enough food. (USA Today)

At some colleges, parental recommendations make an impression Smith is among just a few colleges — among them nearby Mount Holyoke and Holy Cross in Massachusetts, St. Anselm in New Hampshire, and the University of Richmond — that invite parents to submit letters on behalf of their children. (Associated Press via The Detroit News)

Where the Jobs Are, the Training May Not Be As state funding has dwindled, public colleges have raised tuition and are now resorting to even more desperate measures — cutting training for jobs the economy needs most. (The New York Times via University Business)

AP college arms race: how to survive So how does a student avoid taking difficult AP courses he or she doesn’t want or need just to be competitive? It requires the right strategy and attitude, both hard to achieve. (The Washington Post)

Believe it: Harvard cheaper than Cal State Top private schools, with their generous aid, have been among the most affordable options for poor students for a few years, but rising tuition has only recently sent California State University and University of California prices shooting past the Harvards and Yales for middle-class students. (San Jose Mercury News)