Notes in the Margins: Debt, academese, and the hypocrisy of Thiel

It takes all sorts One explanation for the media attacks on higher education is that there is still a view in some parts of society that individuals have a defined and pre-determined place in the hierarchy. It appears some think that certain individuals should not be doing degrees at all and certainly not in particular subjects. It is staggering that such views remain in the second decade of the 21st century. It is essential for our future that we mobilise all the talent we can to prosper in an increasingly competitive and globalised world. (Times Higher Education)

Why the Student Loan Situation Is Worse Than We Thought Maybe the most shocking statistic the New York Fed reported was that almost half of student loan borrowers are either deferring their student loan payments or are in forbearance. Almost 18% of borrowers had the same balance they had in the previous quarter, and 29% saw their overall balance increase thanks to either added student loans or accruing interest on the balance. (Time)

Peter Thiel, University-Hater, Will Teach At Stanford Peter Thiel, the superstar Silicon Valley investor, has famously dismissed university as a waste of time and money, and even offered students cash to drop out. But his views apparently do not apply to himself – or to Stanford University. (The Huffington Post)

Let go of the academese, and people will engage Truthfully, if an idea cannot be expressed in five minutes it’s probably not worth saying. Academics think that their ideas are complex when in fact they are oftentimes just complexly expressed. (LSE/Impact of Social Sciences)

More younger workers finding jobs Jobs for 25-to-34-year-olds increased by 116,000 to 30.5 million in February. Their unemployment rate fell from 9% in January to 8.7%, the lowest since January 2009, according to the Labor Department. (USA Today)