Notes in the Margins: China, Republicans and the prestige chase

Exodus to overseas universities rises Applicants for overseas universities continued to rise in Shanghai last year, due to locals’ desire for an international education and lower cost brought by the yuan’s appreciation. (People’s Daily via NAICU)

Opinion: Why my Facebook is better than your Facebook Being yourself is quite important in the social networking sphere and it turns out it can also be quite beneficial in terms of prospective employment. At least that’s the idea behind a new study published in the Journal of Applied Social Psychology from the University of Evansville, Northern Illinois University, and Auburn University. (USA Today)

Court holds higher ed’s future in its hands What started out as a quarrel over the Sioux logo now has become a major threat to the authority of the North Dakota Board of Higher Education. The Supreme Court decision, whatever it is, will have repercussions for years to come. (Grand Forks Herald via University Business)

Why Is the GOP Suddenly Turning Against College? Rick Santorum called universities “indoctrination mills.” Mitt Romney told a student not to expect any government help if he picks an expensive school. How did it come to this? (Atlantic magazine via University Business)

The Prestige Chase Is Raising College Costs No matter how much universities might spend in pursuit of elite status, only 10 percent at any moment can end up in the top 10 percent. To be sure, the additional expense has not been pure waste. Professors now publish more papers and in the process have generated at least some useful new ideas. But most of their best ideas would have made it into print anyway. (The New York Times)