Is it me, is it a scam, or this student-debt plea tacky?

Remember the story of Kelli Space, the recent college grad who set up a Web site where people could donate money to help her pay down her $200,000 in student loans?

I just got this spam over the weekend. Its sender’s name is listed as Raquel Castillo-Hernandez, and she’s asking me to donate money so she and four of her peers can pay off $500,000 in debt.

No mention of her (or her peers’) major, job situation, debt breakdown, or anything else of substance. All I could find is that the different contributions would earn the donor varying levels of PR coaching or media planning.

Not sure how valuable that will be, considering her e-mail greeting to me was “Dear”

So far she has raised $25 from an anonymous donor.

Just letting you know what’s out there.


Raquel needs your help with “Help Pay Off Student Loans for 5 Young Adults”Will you show your support?

Yes! Take me to this page >>

Raquel says…
Mission: To help five young professionals obtain financial freedom and become more successful. I had a financial awakening this year when I realized I didn’t own anything! I didn’t own my car, my education, and even some of the shoes in my closet. My goals shifted drastically when I realized I wasn’t walking the talk. I was being celebrated for being educated and on an accelerated path to “success” when in reality; I was setting myself up for failure if I didn’t get a firm understanding on how debt really worked. I went from working hard to own more things to realizing I needed to work even harder to own the little that I already had. My plan? Begin by developing a strategy to pay for the #1 thing that can’t be taken away from me, my education.

 I want to help myself get out of student loan debt and select four peers from the May 2009 graduating class at Marymount Manhattan College. Today, just three years after our graduation, we are falling short of our goals. If by May 2013, we can be student loan free, we will have paid off our entire education in the amount of time it took us to obtain it, four years. 
The Game Plan: 
Each of us will get $100,000.00 to pay off any balances for federal and private student loans. Any extra money after student loan balances are paid will go toward credit card balances from lines of credit we received during our time as college students. We will be guided by a senior financial advisor in New York City who will hold the money in an escrow account to ensure it is being used toward our student loans and any other debts accrued during the 2005-2009 Marymount Manhattan semesters we were enrolled in. Thank you in advance for your support helping me scratch the surface on my mission to help young adults obtain financial freedom and become more successful! Sincerely yours, Raquel A. Castillo Continue Reading >>
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