Ranking: UMN-Duluth has the hottest female students

Folks, I don’t make these things up. Call this post sexist, shallow, whatever you want. An MPR colleague sent this my way, and I’m just putting the news out there.

In short: The University of Minnesota – Duluth has the hottest coeds, according to data compiled by DateMySchool.com and reported by The Huffington Post and Jezebel.com, among others.

(Warning, some of the language in the latter is not suitable for work.)

Apparently, the ranking was based on frequency with which a school’s student photos were downloaded from the site, the reports say.

Sorry, fellows. You didn’t make it.

  • BoringAdministrator

    Saying that you have no responsibility for furthering this sexist and degrading meme because someone sent it to you is ridiculous. Surely you see the fallacy in your logic. I can’t imagine that you would have posted a link to a similar story that targeted other identity groups.

    • UMD DICK

      Shut the fuck up

    • unoffended college girl

      Saying people are good looking is not sexist. Saying a certain group of a population have been found to have the most good looking people concentrated in their area is not sexist. Trying to use “fancy” words does not make you seem smart. We are human. Of course we look for other attractive humans in life.

      • Snurfer14

        And you’re probably ugly.