Notes in the Margins: Zombies, gays and remedial education

Harvard group seeks degrees for expelled gays Students and faculty at Harvard University are calling on the school to award posthumous degrees to seven students expelled nearly a century ago for being gay or perceived as gay, and they’re timing a rally for their cause to coincide with a visit by Lady Gaga. (Associated Press via The Boston Globe)

Michigan State offers new course on ‘Surviving the Coming Zombie Apocalypse’ Students will learn about the nature, scope and impact of catastrophic events on individuals, families, societies, civilizations and the Earth itself. (MSU News via MLive/University Business)

Admissions 101, GOP Primary edition: Are we pushing kids too hard to go to college? Sen. Rick Santorum may have gone too far in suggesting that it is snobbish of President Obama to put so much emphasis on going to college, but many readers who have nothing to do with Santorum have made his point to me other ways. (The Washington Post)

Colleges Err in Placing Many on Remedial Track, Studies Find More than a quarter of students in remedial classes could have passed college-level courses, according to reviews of data from both urban and statewide community college systems. (The New York Times)

More Affluent Students Are Choosing Community Colleges, Study Finds A study from Sallie Mae says that 22 percent of college students with a family income of over $100,000 opted for a community college last year. Four years ago, it was at 16 percent. (The New York Times)