Notes in the Margins: Social ineptitude, faked SAT scores and reality TV

100 Reasons NOT to Go to Graduate School #77. It attracts the socially inept. (

College administrator faked SAT scores to boost ranking An administrator at Claremont McKenna College admitted he falsified SAT scores to publications such as U.S. News & World Report. (USA Today)

Attributive justice The practice of “blind marking” students’ written work has become almost universal in UK universities. Why? This is because research indicates that some examiners give higher or lower marks to students they know, or whose sex or race they know, than they would if they did not know whose work they were marking. So university administrations have taken action by depriving examiners of the information leading to the bias, and insisting that scripts are anonymised before being assessed. But this strategy is misguided: it does not address the real source of the problem and it seriously damages the educational culture. (Times Higher Education)

University Applications in U.K. Fall 8.7% After Increase in Fees Total applications, including foreign students, dropped 7.4 percent, with a 13.7 percent increase in the number of people from outside the European Union seeking to study in Britain. (Bloomberg)

New Web reality series puts USC in a bad light The James Franco-produced ‘Undergrads’ depicts students drinking, partying and having run-ins with police. Administrators and students say the show doesn’t accurately portray the campus. (Los Angeles Times)