Notes in the Margins: Graffiti, credit cards and the snob issue

Are Santorum’s comments on higher ed out of step? When Republican presidential hopeful Rick Santorum calls President Barack Obama “a snob’’ for wanting all Americans to attend college, he may be out of step with the public’s overall view of higher education. (Associated Press via The Boston Globe)

Despite improving economy, students still face issues with credit cards In the past college students were able to turn to credit cards, given to them by businesses advertising on their campus, to finance their growing number of purchases, but that has become more difficult in recent years. (USA Today)

Cap and gown learning on a shoestring budget With novel credentials being developed and employers seeing the value of low-cost study based on open courseware, Jon Marcus asks if the bricks-and-mortar elite will end up on the wrong side of history. (Times Higher Education)

Campus graffiti a mix of ‘Shakespearean sonnets’ and ‘moronic messages’ Is it vandalism or is it art? (USA Today)

Obama chides governors for education cuts Obama made clear Monday that he was talking about all kinds of higher education, including community colleges and specialized training programs to help young people prepare to enter the modern work force. (CNN)