MN Supreme Court to hear UMN Facebook free-speech case today

Arguments before the Minnesota Supreme Court are scheduled today for Tatro v. University of Minnesota, that Facebook-free-speech case I mentioned back in July.

The issue is whether the U should have been able to punish a mortuary-science student for posting crude/disturbing Facebook comments about a cadaver.

The Chronicle of Higher Education has its own take on the matter, the gist of which is:

The ruling that colleges seek—that they may punish speech, on campus or off, that they deem likely to undermine donor support—should alarm all of us. … While colleges clearly may discipline students for off-campus criminal behavior, the idea that colleges have free-floating good-citizenship authority to punish lawful behavior that administrators subjectively deem “disruptive” is breathtaking in its potential for abuse.

Read the full commentary here.

  • Minnesota is criminal as far as free speech goes.  In Rochester, Minnesota, just going over to peacefully talk to someone for the first time can get you a felony.  In fact, in Rochester, Minnesota, if they don’t like how you think (they are also into thought control) they will let someone falsely accuse you in court (a felony) with no impunity.