What Sen. Bakk wrote Kaler about the U's union literature

Read the third paragraph.

Sen. Thomas Bakk (DFL-Cook) appears to take exception with the way the University of Minnesota is presenting the grad-student union drive.

  • I was an organizer on the last campaign and it is good to see that the union is enlisting lawmakers like Bakk to push back against administration disinformation.  The admin did this during the last campaign but I don’t think we were effective enough in pushing back against it.

  • MinnGrad

    As a graduate assistant at the University, I am vary wary of this proposition.  First, the union seemed to try and “sneak” this one in by going lab to lab and gathering a bunch of signature from international students.  The BMS still needs to vet the signatures that they are all from actual graduate assistants (there are only ~5K of us, while there are ~20K graduate students).

    Secondly, why the UAW?  Why should a portion of my (already small) paycheck every month head to Detroit?  I have a family to provide for and a job to do.  I don’t need a union mucking around with a system that seems more than adequate.