Two bright spots that MnSCU sees in its credit-transfer system


After discussion of his organization’s report to the state legislature on credit transfers during yesterday’s Board of Trustees meeting, Minnesota State Colleges and Universities (MnSCU) Chancellor Steven Rosenstone said he saw some bright spots.

Referring to data showing that transfers among various MnSCU schools had risen from about 15,260 in 2008 to 20,300 last year, Rosenstone told the board:

“Transfers are way up. They’re way, way up. (Despite the transfer issues being raised,) that’s a sign that this is very much on track.”

Transfers from outside the system remained stable at about 13,200.

Earlier, Associate Vice Chancellor Leslie Mercer had also mentioned transfers from the University of Minnesota.

Ahough the numbers have dropped since last year — ending a rise since 2008 — more than 2,200 students transferred into MnSCU schools from the University of Minnesota. (About 1,500 chose two-year schools, and just over 700 chose MnSCU universities. I haven’t been able to find outgoing numbers yet, though.)

Mercer told the board:

“We have sort of a two-way path. Some think we’re just a sending institution. But we’re also receiving institution.”

Trustee Phil Krinkie seemed to suggest that MnSCU’s greatest “transfer” problem lies in its lack of advertising, which he suggested isn’t as good as that of for-profit institutions.

“Our greatest deficiency is letting the light shine – communication. To students (it’s important to know) that they can start here and continue on at our universities and the University of Minnesota. The issue is advertising and promoting what we’ve already accomplished.”