State auditor: Metropolitan State is overcharging, undercharging students

The Star Tribune in its Hot Dish Politics blog has a short item regarding a Minnesota Legislative Auditor’s report showing that Metropolitan State University has been charging too much in fees and tuition while paying some faculty less than it should have. 

Items it cites:

For example, undergraduate students were charged a dollar more for online internet courses than the board authorized.

That totaled nearly $29,000 in payments that should not have been collected, auditors found. Students who took an art class paid $7.50 more than they should have under the legally approved tuition and fees. There were also some underpayments for courses.

Management of faculty compensation and leave calculations also had problems. One faculty member was underpaid by $14,150 and another by $1,064. They were among 31 faculty members whose compensation was reviewed. They also miscalculated sick leave and vacation time for several employees, which were among four findings that had been identified in past reviews.

You can read the full article here.

And the original audit report is above.