Notes in the Margins: Digital badges, the new activism and curbs on aid

The New Student Activism Occupy-related student protests stand apart from much of the campus activism that has come before. (The New York Times)

Business schools braced for sharp decline in MBA students The Financial Times reports that, on the 16 full-time MBA programmes participating in its 2012 rankings, enrolment of overseas students is down 10 per cent on this time last year while the decrease in UK students is higher still at 15 per cent. (Times Higher Education)

For-Profit Colleges Face Curbs on U.S. Aid in New Veterans Bill The proposed legislation, to be introduced today by Senate Democratic leaders, would require for-profit colleges to get no more than 85 percent of their revenue from federal programs, according to a summary from the office of Illinois Senator Richard Durbin, a co-sponsor. Colleges now can receive as much as 90 percent. They would lose federal funding for exceeding the cap for one year, instead of the current three. (BloombergBusinessweek via NAICU)

What You (Really) Need to Know  Suppose the educational system is drastically altered to reflect the structure of society and what we now understand about how people learn. How will what universities teach be different? Here are some guesses and hopes. (The New York Times)

Digital Badges Threaten Colleges’ Monopoly on Credentials Badges for lifelong learners’ knowledge and skills are considered a ‘game-changing strategy.’ (U.S. News & World Report)