A cause that Moorhead students can rally around


Andrea [bah! la realta!] via Flickr

Moorhead, these are called “water pipes” — I think.

The ’60s and ’70s are still alive at Minnesota State University – Moorhead, from what The Advocate student paper is reporting.

Some Moorhead residents are fighting an ordinance banning products that could be construed as drug paraphernalia, which is apparently causing major upheaval for local “smoke shops.”

(Weren’t they called “head shops” way back when?)

So who’s fighting against all this?

The Advocate reports:

(Smoke shop owner Tom) Tepley thanked Moorhead’s college students for providing much of the energy for the petition drive – and about a third of the signatures.

Organizers spent a few dozen hours in the past month going door-to-door and canvassing campuses collecting signatures. They faced some initial resistance at MSUM, because they weren’t in a registered student group, until they teamed up with College Democrats.

So are Concordia College students involved? No idea. Although the focus appears to be on MSU-Moorhead, the shop owner technically thanked “Moorhead’s college students.”

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