What the state Office of Higher Education's new blog looks like


There’s Big Tobacco, there’s Big Oil.

Now there’s Big Ed — the new higher-education blog by the state Office of Higher Education.

It has been online for about a month, so I thought I’d check in to see how it’s progressing.

The opening post by the office’s director of communications, Sandy Connolly, states the blog will be:

… a place for students, parents, higher education leaders, policy makers and journalists to check-in for the latest information in higher education.

So far she has written about a dozen short posts, many of which seem geared toward students and parents. Topics for that group include the SELF loans, the MN College Savings Plan, a volunteering opportunity (as a student resume-builder), and a report on the benefits of studying abroad.

Others are pretty newslettery (College Week success, office Director Larry Pogemiller’s visit to Brooklyn Center High School, Augsburg College President Paul Pribbenow’s gathering to welcome Pogemiller).

The office has been good about providing reporters with good data in the past, so we’ll see what its blog cooks up in the coming months.

(However it turns out, I have to say I dig the name.)