Video: Debate on whether too many kids go to college

Judging from the material I’ve received this morning, today seems to be the big Let’s-Question-the-Value-of-College Day.

(And it’ll keep popping up. Always does.)

The main event here at MPR is at noon: Midday’s broadcast of the Intelligence Squared structured debate: Too many kids go to college.


  • Henry Bienen: President Emeritus, Northwestern University
  • Charles Murray: Political scientist and co-author (with Richard J. Herrstein) of the book, “The Bell Curve: Intelligence and Class Structure in American Life.”
  • Peter Thiel: PayPal co-founder and philanthropist. This year he launched the 20 Under 20 Thiel Fellowship, a two-year mentoring program that provides $100,000 in grants towards building the fellows’ businesses in biotech, technology, finance, education and more.
  • Vivek Wadhwa: Director of Research at the Center for Entrepreneurship and Research Commercialization at Duke University and a Senior Research Associate for the Labor and Worklife Program at Harvard Law School.

Above is the video. Click here for the transcript.