U of M gets $350,000 from drug companies in 2010

The University of Minnesota and the Mayo Clinic received $650,000 from drug companies in 2010.

That’s from reporter Christopher Snowbeck, who analyzed annual reports to the Minnesota Board of Pharmacy for a story in today’s Pioneer Press.

Snowbeck reports that $350,000 in drug company money went to the U in 2010.  The money is used to fund research and fellowship programs.

The U of M is working to foster closer relationships with business and industry, so don’t be surprised if it’s a source of funding that grows in coming years.

Drug company relationships with the U and its doctors was the focus of a revamped conflict of interest policy that went into place at the U just last year.

And last week the U of M sent a note caution to one of its surgeons, Dr. David Polly, noting he had violated conflict of interest closure requirements.  Polly failed to mention payments he received from Fridley-based medical device manufacturer Medtronic in two published journal articles and on one research poster.