Hey, Oles: So you think you're in Norway?

If you doubt the whole Norwegian/Skandinavian stereotype of St. Olaf, just check out its bookstore:

I walked in to check out the hoodies and sweatshirts when I was confronted with a veritable Skandimart: textiles, flags, trinkets, books, jams, candies, cookies, and lots of other themed stuff.

Some of it is there year ’round, I hear, though the food is here because of the Christmas festival. I just wonder what the royal couple may have said on their recent visit.

  • Guest

    Why do you have more stories on St Olaf than on the rest of the colleges/universities in the state combined? It’s annoying, biased and non-informative. Expand your view beyond western Northfield!

    • Anonymous

      Sorry you find it annoying. The blog format makes it difficult to tell what’s going on.

      This fall I started visiting colleges and universities — usually two a month. I spend all day on campus, talk to students, visit classes and such, and post my impressions. My visit to St. Olaf follows earlier visits to St. Paul College, South Central College, Inver Hills and Minneapolis College of Art and Design. 

      I start each day’s visit with a post explaining that I’m spending the day at that campus, but again, the blog format might make that tough to see.

      Although I usually spend just a day blogging, I have on a few occasions spend the next several days putting in a few blog posts that I couldn’t get to that day. (Sometimes there’s just so much material.)

      It’ll take a long time to get to every Minnesota college, but if you have a favorite that you’d like me to visit, please let me know.

  • St. Olaf fan in Michigan

    Thanks for the pictures! I just ordered one of those Norske aprons from the bookstore.