Notes in the Margins: Pells, law school, therapy dogs and CEO pay

CEO pay comparison unrealistic What salaries CEOs make and what leaders at traditional colleges and universities are an apples to oranges comparison. (

UC Berkeley to offer financial aid to more middle-income families Students from households earning $80,000 to $140,000 will be eligible for a new aid program at UC Berkeley, funded by philanthropy and tuition from an influx of out-of-state students. (Los Angeles Times)

Pell Grants Saved — Kind Of With the maximum allocation for Pell Grants preserved in the latest round of the budget showdown — despitemuch political football and an earlier House appropriations bill that threatened to dramatically slash them — Democrats and education advocates are breathing a tempered sigh of relief. (The Huffington Post)

Note to Law School Students Some might say that the crash has been a great equalizer of sorts. I disagree. (The Huffington Post)

Lawsuit raises questions about therapy dogs at colleges A federal lawsuit could signal a shift in how institutions will handle accommodations of students with therapy animals. (USA Today)