Notes in the Margins: Dead Week, citizenship and the no-sense debt boycott

At Va. Tech, gunfire is amplified into unshakable curse of the Hokie How could it be possible that on this beautiful campus tucked in the Blue Ridge Mountains, a place prepared with an alert system, lockdown plan and evacuation routes, blood could spill once more? (The Washington Post)

Can Washington fix what ails American higher ed? At a meeting with college leaders this week, President Barack Obama was looking for ideas. Amid record budget deficits, can Washington actually do anything to help make American colleges less expensive and more productive? (Associated Press via CBS/University Business)

Dead Week a killer for students studying for finals Dead week needs to be reformed and expanded, a number of student newspapers argue in recent articles and editorials.  Most schools still schedule classes, quizzes, and homework right up until the first scheduled final.  The result: skyrocketing stress, sleep deprivation, and students who race across campus in “a zombie-like daze.” (USA Today)

Student debt boycott makes no sense It’s time for the recent college graduates in Zuccotti Park and elsewhere to train their sights back on their alma maters. (New York Daily News via University Business)

No Citizenship, No College: Universities Fight State Bans On Illegal Students An increasing number of colleges and universities — including, most recently, the University of Georgia — have taken a formal stance on undocumented students. (The Huffington Post)