The environment and my St. Olaf snack


Catching a little snack from The Cage, one of the little grills that’s apparently run by the college’s caterer, Bon Apetit.

I’m getting a Buffalo Chicken Wrap, large Americano coffee and a great little chocolate-fudge-peppermint cookie thing. (A type of “mudpie” they call it, I think.)

Decent grub for $7.50, though the coffee seems a little weak.

I remember how the Stav Dining Hall keeps the napkins at the tables so diners won’t take more than they need. And there’s a chart near the cafeteria entrance that tracks food wastage. (Both very nifty ideas.)

The college has a wind turbine as well as one of those green buildings, so I’m thinking this is a green campus. Then I get this wrap that comes complete with a large plastic plate and plastic lid. That’s really some packaging, I’d say.

(Just a nudge, Oles. Trying to keep you on your green toes.)