Keillor is moving his book store to Macalester


“It will give people at Macalester a chance to walk into an establishment where you can just walk around and look at things, you don’t really need to buy anything. … You walk into a bookstore and you look around at books and here, for sale, all around you, is American enterprise, intellectual enterprise and independence. To me, this is an essential in a person’s education.”

— Garrison Keillor in his decision to move his Common Good Books store to the Lampert Building at Grand and Snelling avenues, where it will join the Macalester College Bookstore.

It’s scheduled to open in April. He told The Mac Weekly he’ll be keeping the old Selby Avenue location for “other business opportunities.”

Keillor, who’s known for popping in on the store when he’s in town, told the paper:

“I like to shop in my own bookstore. … I would like to learn to operate the cash register. Someday I’ll do that.”

Read the full Mac Weekly article here.