A decade's comparison of UMN, Wisconsin med school costs


Notice anything odd about the post I put up yesterday about the University of Minnesota’s med school being the third most expensive for first-year in-state students?

Where was the University of Wisconsin?

A decade ago, they used to be right near each other.

Look at the American Association of Medical Colleges chart above. (I’m using this data because it reaches back more than a decade. The numbers don’t appear to be too far off U.S. News’.)

In its 2001-2002 ranking of the most expensive public medical schools for first-year, in-state students, Wisconsin was third most expensive at just over $20,100 a year for tuition and fees. Minnesota was right nearby at fifth place with about $19,430.

A decade later, Minnesota has risen one notch in the rankings with just over $40,400 in tuition, fees and health insurance.

And Wisconsin? With tuition and fees having risen to just $26,700, it has plummeted to 55th place.

Also for comparison:

A decade ago, the median figure for the group was about $12,400, which put both state’s med schools quite above the norm. This year, however, that figure was about $30,750, putting the U far above the median and Wisconsin a good bit below it.

What happened? Any ideas?

(Thanks to MPR’s Paul Tosto for the tip-off.)