Why Pogemiller might be an effective Office of Higher Education chief


Former DFL Senate Majority Leader Roger Moe tells Politics in Minnesota why the “wonky” and “combative” Sen. Larry Pogemiller, who Gov. Mark Dayton last week chose to be director of the state Office of Higher Education, has been a formidable legislator:

“In the legislative process, knowledge is power, and he was extremely knowledgeable on some of the things that are the most complicated: school financing, pension laws, tax policy and various formulas that affected local units of government.”

The Web site reports:

Most agree Pogemiller has the skills to be effective in his new job. For years he advocated for more funding for the U, and sources say his eight years on the K-12 budget committee will give him the financial expertise needed in the office, which provides and oversees financial aid for college students.

And it offers a tidbit behind Pogemiller’s transition to the higher-ed job:

While most were surprised by Dayton’s announcement to move him to the higher education post, some observers believed his exit was a long time in the making. His district, which includes much of the area in and around the University of Minnesota Minneapolis campus, is thought to be ripe for drastic changes when new district maps are put in place, one lobbyist noted.

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