What Minnesota students may do today for the Occupy movement


Just surfing a few Occupy sites on the Web and found this:

Friday, November 4 · 5:00pm – 8:00pm

The People’s Plaza

300 S 6th St

Minneapolis, MN

Students and Youth March on the Banks!

5-7pm Unity Rally

7pm Student and Youth March

@the People’s Plaza (Hennepin County Gov. Ctr), Minneapolis

Join Occupy MN as we celebrate FOUR weeks of occupation with a Unity rally, featuring music and speakers from many diverse progressive movements. Then, join the students and youth as we march on the banks demanding an end to student debt! Education is a right—money for schools, not for bank bail outs and wars!

Looks like some students at OccupyMac may participate, and Occupy Northfield has encouraged Carleton and St. Olaf students to join in as well.

OccupyMac has its own little seminar this afternoon on the history of the Occupy movement, after which students may head over to Minneapolis for the rally.

I love its call to arms:

The event will be followed by an OPTIONAL trip to the OccupyMN site for a student Unity Rally/March with U of M students.

Dude, if the protest connects with your passion, run with it. If not, that’s cool.