Should college sports be broken off into separate businesses?


The Public Insight Network query on the meaning behind the Penn State scandal has brought out a lot of folks who think college sports have grown too big and need to be separated from the schools themselves.

(One could argue that wouldn’t solve the actual problem, but would remove that section of it from higher education.)

It’s not just the money that’s a problem, writes Kenneth Kolk, a professor from Michigan. It’s the relationships:

I believe that since most administrators I have ever had in the public (high) schools or the community colleges are usually ex-coaches – often those who failed to win the championships the fans demand – and this old-boys (and old-girls – now) network does everything to protect their own. Penn State is an example of the old-boys network protecting their own and their programs.

Professor Janet McGraw Fisher of New York writes:

Can you imagine a history professor retaining his position for as long in the same circumstance?