Notes in the Margins: The F-bomb, higher-ed books and the 99 percent

Our Universities: Why Are They Failing? It’s not hard to see why colleges and universities resist simple evaluations. (The New York Review of Books via NAICU)

Not all college students support the 99% Not all college students share the sentiment of their occupying peers. (USA Today)

Profile of a Changing Freshman Class We asked colleges and universities for a profile of this fall’s freshman class and, for context, matriculants of five years ago. Clearly, the statistical landscape is shifting. (The New York Times)

Analysis: Is student loan, education bubble next? First the dot.coms popped, then mortgages. Are student loans and higher education the next bubble, the latest investment craze inflating on borrowed money and misplaced faith it can never go bad? Some experts have raised the possibility. (Associated Press via The Boston Globe)

Alumni use ‘f-bombs’ to draw attention to Oberlin College Grassroots website points out why the f— you should choose Oberlin College. (USA Today)