Notes in the Margins: Snacks, campus police and Paterno's discipline problem

A Discipline Problem Legendary Penn State football coach Joe Paterno clashed repeatedly with the university’s former chief disciplinarian over how harshly to punish players who got into trouble, internal emails suggest, shedding new light on the school’s effort to balance its reputation as a magnet for scholar-athletes with the demands of running a nationally dominant football program. (The Wall Street Journal)

Militarization Of Campus Police What we have seen in the last two weeks around the country, and now at Davis, is a radical departure from the way police have handled protest in this country for half a century. (The Huffington Post)

China to eliminate majors with low employment rates The Chinese government is stepping in to try and make it easier for college graduates to find jobs – by getting rid of majors that don’t have good job prospects. Any major that has a less than 60 percent employment rate for two consecutive years will be phased out. (The Hechinger Report)

Academic Blogging as an Endangered Species There is money in some forms of blogging, but academic blogging remains limited by financial constraints, which are themselves a consequence of the lack of recognition the form gets as a ‘measurable’ academic output with real academic and public impact. (

Professor refuses to teach if students don’t bring snacks Students in George Parrott’s psychology courses have an unusual requirement: they must bring homemade snacks each week to the laboratory section, and they need to work out a schedule such that groups of students make sure each session is covered, and that snacks aren’t repeated from week to week. If there are no snacks, Parrott walks out of his class at California State University at Sacramento, and the students lose that week’s instruction. (USA Today)