Notes in the Margins: China, underground atheists and affluent two-year students

Why Science Majors Change Their Minds (It’s Just So Darn Hard) The bulk of attrition comes in engineering and among pre-med majors, who typically leave STEM fields if their hopes for medical school fade. There is no doubt that the main majors are difficult and growing more complex. Some students still lack math preparation or aren’t willing to work hard enough. (The New York Times)

Students fed up with countless Facebook changes College students are concerned that their lifestyles may make them particularly vulnerable to being misrepresented by Timeline. College is the time to experiment and make mistakes. While past generations had the ability to act without severe consequences, college students today do not have the same liberty because they are under the watchful eye of technology. (USA Today)

The China Conundrum The number of Chinese undergraduates in the United States has tripled in just three years, to 40,000, making them the largest group of foreign students at American colleges. (The New York Times/Chronicle of Higher Education)

At religious campuses, atheist groups operate underground Without university approval, Freethinkers cannot meet on campus, tap student funds, participate in campus events or use campus media. (USA Today)

Two-year colleges draw more affluent students Comparatively affluent students are picking community colleges over four-year schools in growing numbers, a sign of changing attitudes toward an institution long identified with poorer people. (The Washington Post)