Duncan Calls for Urgency on College Costs As Occupy movement protests helped push spiraling college costs into the national spotlight, Education Secretary Arne Duncan urged higher-education officials Tuesday to “think more creatively — and with much greater urgency” about ways to contain costs and reduce student debt. (The New York Times) Study assesses graduation rates Report finds analyzing characteristics Read more

After changing his tune to the news media on the University of Minnesota’s cutback in transfer students, MnSCU’s interim academic and student affairs chief Larry Litecky turned down my request yesterday to explain why. MnSCU spokeswoman Melinda Voss said he had “no time” this week to discuss his change of views, and essentially repeated what Read more

I’ll be live-blogging this conversation on MPR’s Midmorning show with Kerri Miller tomorrow at 9 a.m. There should be a higher-education-and-training component in there, so please follow along — and feel free to comment. I think it’ll be a good conversation. Here’s the program intro: Educators, employers and economists say it all the time: American Read more

Want cheaper tuition? Find religion With church membership dwindling and more families struggling to afford the cost of college, many private religiously-affiliated colleges and universities are slashing tuition and offering incentives to attract new students — and to stay afloat. (CNN via NAICU) Universities need to get better at telling their stories Universities have multiple narratives to Read more