What Gov. Dayton said about history classes at technical colleges

In this video on the installation of Minnesota State Colleges and Universities (MnSCU) system Chancellor Steven Rosenstone at the Capitol last week, Gov. Mark Dayton mentions a Winona business leader telling him technical colleges shouldn’t be teaching history. Instead, they should be teaching current and future events. (Future events?)

Not having seen the whole speech, I’m not sure how to peg Dayton’s response. He appears to support MnSCU, but it’s not clear to me where he stands on that history issue.

I’ll try to find a transcript, but does anyone know?

(Dayton’s remarks are right at the beginning of the video.)

  • Are you sure he isn’t just quoting this business leader to play devil’s advocate and get Rosenstone to respond?

  • Can’t say much about Dayton, but my experience with S. Rosenstone as Dean of CLA at the U is that he is a staunch supporter of the liberal arts  as highly desirable for success in the work world (what business leaders themselves always told him!) AND he can squeeze blood from a turnip as a financial manager 🙂 I can see him asking history departments to explain to the public why and how they matter to MNSCU, and asking them to focus on what they do best, but I cannot see him buying into an image of MNSCU as shop class for grown-ups.