Notes in the Margins: Amanda Knox, merit aid and single-sex colleges

Are single-sex colleges still relevant? Many students are asking the question: “Why does the college feel it needs to explore other options and prove to others that it may remain a women’s institution? Why do single-sex institutions need to re-examine their very existence year after year?” (USA Today)

Let’s be up-front about merit aid You wouldn’t buy a coat in December and wait until March to find out how much it is going to cost you. You shouldn’t have to buy a college education that way, either. (The Washington Post)

California Measure Allows Tuition Aid for Illegal Immigrants Gov. Jerry Brown signed legislation allowing immigrants to apply for state-financed scholarships and aid at state universities. (The New York Times)

Adults have many options to finance education Daunting costs don’t have to derail your goals Many returning students have options to help pay for school, including scholarships, government grants, tax breaks, subsidized loans, work-study, and employer benefits. (The Boston Globe)

7 Things the Amanda Knox Case Taught Us About Studying Abroad The Amanda Knox case has prompted students to be more mindful of their actions abroad. In 2010, I had the opportunity to teach in Northern Italy and critically compare the Italian and U.S. court systems. As I prepare to teach in Italy next summer, here’s a short list of items that students should know before leaving the States to their study abroad country. (The Huffington Post)