How St. Cloud State and its town don't see eye to eye on homecoming

St. Cloud

Star Tribune columnist and former St. Cloud State University student Jon Tevlin writes about the odd situation that has developed in that town since the university decided to drop homecoming and host some replacement events:

Miffed at the college for dropping the word “homecoming,” much of the town is going on with its own homecoming next weekend, Oct. 8. As they have since forever, most of the local bars are featuring free or cheap breakfast and lots of discounts on alcohol, beginning, as always, by 8 a.m. This is a tradition informally called “kegs and eggs,” and it’s just the kind of unruly merrymaking that SCSU was trying to get away from.

And what, then, do you get?

Last weekend you had a football game and a concert at the college that wasn’t called homecoming, and this week you have a homecoming in the bars without a connection to a school or football game. World, meet upside-down.

He goes a little into the (undeserved?) “party school” reputation of St. Cloud State and seems to question the university’s attempt to brand itself.

Read his full column here.