Chart: Instruction vs. Admin Costs at the University of Minnesota

Here’s just one slide of more than 100 from tomorrow’s presentation by university finance scholar Howard Bunsis, who will speak on “Is There Really a Financial Crisis at the University of Minnesota?”

Could be juicy.

He’ll speak at the U’s Coffman Union on Friday, Oct. 7, from noon to 2 p.m.

(Note: The slides I got for the presentation were preliminary, and was warned they’d have a few typos.)

More info here.

  • Jashill


    • Anonymous

      Yeah, that’s the slide from the presentation. I can’t fix it myself, but I’m hoping to get a replacement. I thought the image was important enough to overlook the typo.

  • Anonymous

    What exactly “is” an administrative cost? Is student advising by professional staff administrative, or is it instructional? One suspects that students will regard it as rather important (and paying faculty to do it instead of hiring an “administrator” is a waste of money since faculty salaries will be much higher on a “per hour spent on advising” basis ). So, moving replacing one faculty member in a college with two advisors, each of whom costs half as much (and will likely be far more expert in their advising, given that it’s their full-time job), would “shift” costs from instruction to admin, but would free up time from dozens of remaining faculty members, thereby allowing them to spend far more time on instruction (and research, etc.) Juicy for juicy’s sake is a waste of time — one hopes that the exercise has more point than the usual “administration is evil” mantra

  • Anonymous

    Interesting point. I’m hoping to post the full presentation soon. That should show us all of his sources and definitions.