As the University of Minnesota School of Dentistry prepares to get a new dean, the Minnesota Daily writes about why some faculty members are resentful over what they see as oppressive leadership, favoritism and intimidation: According to these sources: Personal relationships and favoritism continue to factor into administrative hiring decisions. Former Dean Patrick Lloyd’s autocratic Read more

Colleges start offering ‘midnight classes’ for offbeat needs A handful of colleges across the USA are offering “midnight classes” that cater to the schedules of students with children, inflexible jobs or just a yen to stay up all night. On overburdened campuses, the late-late classes have the chance to use space that’s booked during conventional hours. (USA Today) Read more

St. Cloud State protestors upset over the recent firing of Mahmoud Saffari, the university’s associate VP for enrollment management, interrupted a groundbreaking yesterday to appeal to Gov. Mark Dayton, who was attending the event, the St. Cloud Times reports. When protestors’ chanting disrupted the proceedings, the paper writes: Dayton calmed the situation by walking down Read more

Conferences — just hothouses of love. Lake Superior College students Justin Stutsman and Ashley Winkler once met at a Minnesota student conference, and this past weekend they got engaged at the Minnesota State Student Leadership Summit in Bloomington. Watch as Jason Justin pops the question around the :45 mark. (Warning: A little profanity slip at 1:45.) Read more