Why it's tough to be a Gustavus collegiate fellow

My wife was a resident assistant in her college dorm, so my heart goes out to Gustavus Adolphus College student Kate Plager, a “collegiate fellow” there.

Collegiate fellows are essentially resident assistants, and Plager complains in The Gustavian Weekly that she’s tired of being treated like one of those despised hall monitors I remember from grammar school:

I did not know … that Collegiate Fellows are widely hated both by those they have reprimanded and those they have not. According to Gustavus legend, Collegiate Fellows “chase,” “bust,” “hunt” and “catch.” To this day, people I “busted” at the beginning of last year run away from me when they see me on campus. Here is a little secret for all of y’all runners: we hate confronting people almost as much as you hate being confronted. It’s uncomfortable. We get yelled at, threatened, negotiated with, complained to and then, at the end of all that, we get to write a full report on it.

Read her full essay here.

  • Jays

    I was a CF at Gustavus when the drinking age changed. I don’t recall being the target of ‘poo socks’ ever.  And certainly don’t recall any hostile attitudes.  It was a long time ago, though.  I’ll check in with some others from that era and see if we have the same shared narrative…

    • Anonymous

      I actually lived with my RA at the University of Georgia for half a semester, and in my time in the dorms, he never had the hall-monitor vibe. Different era? Stricter rules now?
      (By the way, that was also the time of the Reagan drinking-age change. My 19th birthday was Aug. 7, and the drinking age went up a year on Sept. 1, so I was allowed to drink for three weeks. Same thing happened the following year. Oh, the injustice.