Why applicants don't really want to use Facebook for college searches

Thought this generation of college applicants was all about social media?

Think again, suggests a New York Times post on a session on students, technology and the college admissions process:

“Colleges say, ‘Like us on Facebook’ — but that’s my personal time, I’d rather not,” one high school senior said. “I’d like to find a time in my day where I don’t think about the college process,” she said to soft applause from a few sympathetic audience members.

The peer sitting next to her nodded. “Seeing a college on Facebook, it’s like, you’re in my face, and I’d appreciate if you weren’t.”

Well, now.

Pardon me.

  • Using social media does not mean you want everyone to come poking around your page. especially  not corporations or institutions. Unfortunately, Facebook’s recent changes have made it so that you will have fewer and fewer choices in maintaining ANY kind of restrictions on access to your data. I have just “deleted” my account (although I know FB doesn’t really delete my data), and I am advising my daughter to do the same, although she and her friends use FB to communicate a lot with each other, and I’m unlikely to get her to do so. She has nothing to be ashamed of in her Facebook page, but she and her peers use it for socializing. for a really good analysis of teen use of social media like MySpace and Facebook, I highly recommend reading danah boyd’s work; she wrote her dissertation on the topic, and now works as a researcher for Microsoft.